Persuasive Essay

As One

        In this world we're a team. We help & encourage others to rise all together. So why not encourage people to help the world out more? Recycling is a big part of keeping our world clean. It's taking a greater importance as we seek a way to build a more sustainable future. Just about everything these days can be recycled. For example, manufactures are trying to make more fuel efficient vehicles by providing them to run on recyclable items. This is one way that saves individuals money, and it helps our earth stay clean. 
        When I got the chance to interview citizens of Adrian, the most common response when I asked people if they recycled was "yes". This was a great response to hear! However, many said they would like to recycle more than they do. I interviewed one particular girl who works in the dental field, where they don't recycle much. Working in the dental field the practitioners learn how to be wasteful, that is for infection control however. She told me that she doesn't really think about recycling much besides cans, paper, and amalgam scraps from procedures. I then asked her if she recycled at home, and she said just pop cans. I loved the fact that she recycled, but then asked her why she didn't recycle at home as much. She responded: "I'm not really sure, but now that you have me thinking about it, I sure will consider it next time I go to throw something away". As an interviewer, and a believer in recycling, that response was a wonderful thing to hear. 
        Furthermore, just talking about recycling to others is influencing. As people, we have no idea what others think until we talk to them. Talk to individuals about recycling and either jump start them to recycle, or talk about all the products that can be recycled. In all honesty, it's only helping our world.